About Cam



A self-taught artist born in the 80's, Cameron's influenced by present-day pop culture, as well as moments from his past growing up in Sydney. There's dashes of confectionery, dollops of retro sneakers and lashings of hot summers playing cricket, all rolled up into a sandwich of super-soaking colour.


Remember that feeling of getting home after school, putting on the afternoon TV shows and dishing up your favorite cereal? That's essentially the nostalgic-pop feel that Cameron coats his artworks in.



Working as a sound engineer for 20 years has given Cameron a cynical view on advertising in the media, and this influences the sarcastic nature in his paintings. Cameron had previously dabbled in photography and music producing, so in 2018 he mashed all his fingers into one hot mess of a pie - his art. This allows him to experiment in new and different genres so he can carve out his own original style.


Cameron sleeps in Sydney, Australia.